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  • Troja

    I've been using animalistus bed for over 3 years!

    I NEED TO BE SNUGGLED UP🐶 therefore my choice was a cave-bed, so that I'm always snugged!

    The bed cleans perfectly with a wet cloth, and in case of alert situations - it can be washed in the washing machine. The orthopedic mattress only adds to its quality and my good rest!🐾

    Pawrents are also delighted as it's not just a great bed, but also a very stylish interior detail in our home: we even matched the bed colors to the living room!


    Meet Troja! 
  • Bruno

    Bruno's new bed has become a part of our lives - for sleeping, playing, and it's perfect for chasing the demons away!

    And last but not least, a big thank you for the material that cleans so well - even when it's yellow, it always stays yellow whether at home, in the garden, or with guests.

    Meet Bruno! 
  • Bruknė

    The bed exceeded all expectations. I hoped it would decorate the living room and be a great spot where I could direct my dog when the whole family eats, to avoid food begging or even food theft. But I really didn't expect to see my dog voluntarily lounging on the bed so often. In short, our purchased bed is extremely stylish, easy to care for, and has miraculous properties of attraction.

    Meet Bruknė! 
  • Meilė

    Perfect dog (me) requires a perfect dog bed. That's exactly what animalistus created. Been using the bed for almost 2 years, highly recommend!

    Meet Meilė! 
  • Rio

    Ordering the bed from animalistus was simple and pleasant, the bed arrived quickly and it's made of high quality and easy maintenance material. Been using it for over 1 year, we will definitely return 🙌🏼

    Meet Rio! 
  • Bondas

    The best bed ever! Made from material that doesn't get soaked and to which hairs don't stick! The bed doesn't wear out and doesn't absorb bad odors. Cats don't scratch this material.

    Meet Bond! 
  • Archie

    Archie loves his bed and uses it a lot! 🤎 Top quality, practicality, unique beauty and maximum comfort (as we understand from Archie), all fit into those 2 magical words - animalistus bed. We are very happy to have found animalistus not only for the exceptional quality of the products, but also for the exceptional attention to their customers! Thank you 🤎

    Meet Archie! 
  • Haiko

    For me, it's important that an item is not only practical and comfortable but also beautiful. We have two Animalistus beds at home, which just perfectly blend into the overall home interior. Maintenance is very simple, just wiping with a damp cloth and it's clean again! Although the beds have been used for less than a year, they look like new, even though there have been meals on them, including greasy meat and fish, but everything easily cleans off 👌🏻
    Haiko would also add that our chosen model serves excellently as cushions if the desire to jump from one bed to another arises 😅

    Meet Haiko! 
  • Natalija

    This bed has exceeded our expectations in durability, super sharp teeth of our energetic puppy were a joke. Cleaning is super easy —just a quick wipe with a wet cloth removes hair and stains. The simple design blends perfectly with our home decor. Even our cat loves to lounge on it, often our pets just share the bed together, which is super cute. 🥰 Plus, the shop owner is incredibly friendly and helpful, making the purchase experience even better. Highly recommended it and would give 10 starts if I could! ✨🖤

  • animalistus guolis vengrų vižlui


    Bo seems to have fallen in love with his new bed. Sometimes he's still tempted to get on the sofa, but very rarely. I shake the bed every week, vacuum it, and it's like new. Thanks for the great design and quality, as well as for the advice while choosing!

  • Teddy

    We searched for THAT dog bed for a long time, and finally, we found it! Quality, practicality, comfort, and, of course, a great interior accent were most important to us. And that's exactly what animalistus offers. Anyone who hasn't lounged on these beds is really missing out! 🤭

    Meet Teddy! 
  • marškinėliai su šuniu animalistus


    My favourite T-shirt now! Very comfortable and very high quality, thank you!

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