My Wild Other. What's the origin of the name?

It's actually all rather down to earth 😁 When I started thinking about significant career changes (I used to work in finance), love for our four-legged friends led me to start considering working with them. Then two seemingly simple (but, as it turned out, very common) problems arose:
1. Where to start 😁
2. How to name it?

This time it's about the second challenge.

The whole month was spent thinking about it and it got nowhere. Until I just... let it go. And when you let go and relax - what happens? Quite often - nothing 😁 But sometimes the answer comes. This time the luck struck and the answer came.

I was walking along the river with my four-legged companion Bongo, listening to an audiobook (the most favorite activity actually, I discovered that the best thoughts and ideas come when doing just that) and it clicked - there is a beautiful English expression - significant other - in other words, a partner. Why can't it be a wild other? After all, our four-legged friends are our partners, right? Just a bit more wild 😁🌴🐅🐘 It doesn't translate into Lithuanian as well, but maybe it's actually even better? Some understand that it's about the four-legged companions. Others - that it's about ourselves - our own wild side. And that's even more exciting 😏

That's it about the name. What is the whole story about? The most important thing - to begin the journey 🙃 About that - later on. 💚

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