PLATINUM dog food & cat food

Finding a food for Bongo has long been an issue. It simply seemed that none of them suits him - stomach is simply too sensitive. Couple of friends (actually - Meilė and Troja) recommended trying Platinum. And it works! In a couple of weeks his digestion system got used to Platinum and seems to be working perfectly now. Tom (Bongo's brother, cat actually) also eats Platinum now! He's never had problems with digestion, only with his character. But it seems to be getting better as well! Not really. But it really seems that he absolutely loves Platinum! So he recommends it as well!

Meilė - you may have seen her in our pictures as well! She absolutely loves Platinum and would love to always be under a pile of Platinum food! Literally. 

Troja - strong and always serious! Well, not really. But when Platinum food is near, she is! Serious and hungry. 

Hiro - always ready for some action! You can definitely see it in his eyes. Always ready for some action and always ready to be rewarded with lots of Platinum!

Below are some strange looking dogs. Too strange. Platinum actually also makes great food for cats! Bongo's brother Tom also appreciates it. And with every meal the appreciation grows! 

Really strange looking dog.

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