Handmade rugs with animals | Nargiza

Hi, my name is Nargiza!

About two years ago I started creating rugs using a tufting gun and punch needle.

I come from a family of artists. In the early stages of my life, I was strongly connected to the arts, studied art and graduated from art school. However, I ended up studying a bachelors in advertising management, and for most of my life, I worked in administration and management.

I was always missing creativity in my life. It was trapped inside of me unexpressed and suppressed. So in 2022 I decided to take a risk and dive into the world of creativity! I got curious about rug making and I felt it was perfect for me because it has endless creation options, material usage and techniques that can be used.

All of my rugs are handmade with love and care, to let you enjoy them for a long time.

Special rugs for our special friends

As a cat owner I know that they love everything what is warm and soft. My first rug for pet was created for my cat Bobo

I am really trying to recreate animals features that defines them from other.

From that time I added custom pet portrait rug to my products 😊 And have created couple of them!


I am using 100% New Zealand wool. The yarn is twisted and manufactured in Europe. It is not too soft and the perfect quality for rug making. This yarn has all the natural advantages of high-quality wool. It is also dirt resistant, resilient, moth-proof and water-repellent.


The pile is secured in place by coating the back of the rug with a latex type of adhesive. Usually, an anti-slip mesh (good for bathroom rugs) or anti-slip felt backing is applied to the back of the carpet to create a finished look. Please note all rugs have a non-slip backing.

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