Our Commitment

TOP quality products only 

Unquestionable quality is what we strive for. This includes choosing best artisans, best materials, best suppliers. We feel responsible for your satisfaction, product quality, and pet safety. And you will feel it. 

Your satisfaction is our main drive 

animalistus was born out of love (the story is here). It's your satisfaction that drives us to create better and better products and to make you even happier. You are happy, we are happy.


All dog goods are designed and made in Lithuania

We are very happy to have gathered a team of extremely skilled, client-oriented, as well as pet-loving artisans and product designers. Not only are they very good at what they do, they sincerely love it, and this can be felt in each and every dog product that reaches you. 


Natural materials preferred

After deciding to go forward with animalistus, using as many natural and recycled materials as possible and rational was the aim. We believe that not only natural product feels better, cozier and more attractive, it is also everyone's responsibility to take care for our beautiful planet. This is our way to do it.


Cooperation with dog trainers

We believe that the underlying issues should be addressed and not only the consequence. Thus we do our best to educate society about pets. Quick example - we believe that we should all do at least some dog training even before even getting a dog. Then, researching as much as possible when choosing the breed - it's not only the appearances differ among dogs, right? The more we know about pets before getting them, the fewer of them will end up in shelters. Meet some in our Friends & Partners. 


Cooperation with animal shelters

We believe that we should all help the ones in need and therefore cooperate with shelters and provide our products and support to both shelters and the good people who adopt their four-legged friends. If you have an idea or started an initiative on how to help animal shelters, don't hesitate to discuss it with us as well.