Our Story

animalistus was born out of love for pets and for people

My whole childhood was spent with pets. First there was a cat, later - a dog also. It just seemed natural to have pets at home the whole time.
When I left home to study at the university abroad, something was always missing. At the time I couldn't understand what, but after coming back to Lithuania, it soon became obvious. Consequently, quite soon Tom (a fluffy countryside cat with an attitude) was adopted. He does not like leaving his home so you will see him in other pictures. Tom seemed lonely sometimes so he got a friend - a Rottweiler Bongo - you can see him in the picture above. 
Interestingly, quite a few people tried to persuade not to get a dog - and they were partially right - dog is a big commitment after all. Bet there wasn't a single day that I would not be happy about it. Yes, dog definitely takes a lot of time, you have to plan everything significantly better and there is significantly less spontaneity regarding travelling, but the commitment, love, lessons and the people you meet are absolutely worth everything. It is priceless, right? 
Although pets have been an inseparable part of life, people are just as fantastic, right? Since the adolescence the books I mostly read have been about psychology and about what drives us. So it's been over 15 years and I still don't quite understand it. However, I am pretty sure that we have to love what we are doing. Only then can we be true to ourselves, do our best and inspire others to do likewise. I really hope animalistus can somehow inspire you. More about it - in the mission.
How is it all related to animalistus? At the age of 27 (an older friend once told me - just wait for the 27th birthday - your life might change completely. And he was right) I started thinking that I've always wanted to be independent. And then it all came naturally - I love pets, I love people, let's do something about it. Completely by accident came the idea about cat litter boxes. And then it all evolved into more and more products.
Which are all made by absolutely fantastic people. First I tried to find who could make those litter boxes. Then - who could make beds, collars, bowls. This all led to meeting some fantastic local artisans. And I'm absolutely grateful for each of them. Each good you order is made with love.
And the clients. our whole team is thankful for each and every one of you. Mostly - for your trust. You are what makes us strive for better and better products. Also, I'm really happy whenever I can meet you in person. Thank you.
So this is my way - pets, people, finding what really drives us and hoping to inspire others. What's yours?