Interactive dog toys | NoseQuest

A small business aiming to reach as many four-legged owners as possible was born out of love for our pet, True. This is how you can currently describe NoseQuest, a brand that makes sniffing toys for pets.

Many pet product and service businesses emerge from personal experiences with their four-legged friends. Our case is no exception – it was our dog that became the reason for creating interactive toys. We live with an Australian Shepherd named True. Our goal is to provide him with the best life possible, so we give him lots of attention, striving to meet all his needs and desires. We attend obedience training, try various sports, go on hikes, and learn various tricks (not to mention food and various chew toys :D). True's curiosity and desire to try new things directed us towards creating interactive toys – another way to satisfy his curiosity through his sense of smell.

The idea to make a sniffing ball arose while looking for a good interactive toy. And so, the production of the first ball began. The result indeed required immediate improvement, but after giving it to True, everything changed. This little dog never stopped working with it and searching for hidden treats. What was I doing at that time? Simply watching the dog and feeling immense joy. He really liked it, and even now, when given sniffing toys, he rejoices as if it's the first time. He NEVER gets bored of these toys! I believe that True is not the only one and our created toys bring joy to many clients' pets.

True liked the sniffing ball so much that, when we started sewing them for clients, he always hoped the toy would end up being his. How did he show this? He was always 'glued' to me during the ball production. Such demonstrations of my dog's behavior give me more motivation and desire to create and strive. Another significant wave of motivation comes from clients' feedback, video uploads, etc. Every message, photo, and share brings me only positive emotions, a big smile, and motivation. Therefore, I always want to share this with all clients (you can find many positive emotions on the Instagram profile nose_quest).

A special THANK YOU to this community that follows us and willingly shares their experiences <3

What are the benefits of an interactive toy?

  • Stimulates mental activity: sniffing toys develop a pet&#39;s cognitive abilities;
  • Improves the sense of smell: these toys help pets develop their natural sniffing abilities, enhancing their senses;
  • Slows down the eating pace: eating from sniffing toys, pets eat more slowly, which reduces the risk of choking and digestive problems;
  • Distracts from stress-inducing factors: activities with sniffing toys help pets focus on positive activity, reducing stress and anxiety;
  • Increases dog's self-actualization – solving puzzles gives the dog confidence, raising their level of self-actualization (according to the dog's Maslow's hierarchy of needs, self-actualization is at the very top of the pyramid).

Moreover, these toys are convenient to carry around and maintain, providing pets with entertainment in any environment.

This is the story of the NoseQuest brand, which came to be thanks to a beloved pet and a lot of supportive people. And also my husband's patience, who endures the sound of the sewing machine and all the creative mess.

We are open to collaboration with all four-legged owners, so never hesitate to ask us various questions. We will always respond and advise.