Šuniukų fėja x animalistus

Šuniukų fėja - Skaistė founded a farm (she also lives there) where she takes care of bulls, horses, dogs or other animals that need help. Who are the three cute dogs that you can finally find on clothes? Šikučiai! Let's hear their story from Skaistė:

Šikučiai were the first small Staffordshire Bull Terriers that ended up in my care. The story of two brindled brothers is worth a separate page (in the near future), and Bubu - "we already had one fighting dog, I don't want any more, husband brought it home without agreement" and it ended up with me.

It was six years ago. At that time I had already moved to the farm. I loved all three of them like crazy, so I couldn't work out how to find them homes where it would be ensured that they wouldn't be mistreated or have their ears cut. At that time, we already had three dogs, living in the farm, after all, three more wouldn't hurt. So Šikučiai simply stayed with us.

Today the organization is seven year old, not one litter has been saved and puppies were given to responsible hands. Šikučiai have become the face of Šuniukų fėja, our followers miss them and know their story. Therefore, the picture of Šikučiai is not just about them. It's about stereotypes. Dogs of this breed and their mixes are cute, friendly, dedicated to humans, and only their owners can change society's attitude towards them, without depicting them as representatives of an aggressive or untrustworthy breed.


We can all support Skaistė on her mission! And dress well at the same time! Therefore, with every Šuniukų fėja x animalistus T-Shirt sold, 10 Eur will go to her shelter and with every Šuniukų fėja x animalistus sweatshirt sold, 20 Eur will go to her shelter!

Let's do good together 💚