My Wild Other -> animalistus

Time for some changes! 🥳 We’ve been considering adjusting our name for quite some time already. And the reason is actually really simple - it’s occasionally quite hard to pronounce. 😁 So after months and months of thinking, here it is! animalistus. 🤩

It appeared that this name includes everything, well, at least according to our interpretation😁:
• animal - it’s all about our relationship with them.
• animalistic - about not hiding yourself, being raw, being real. Even slightly untamed, savage.
• animus - it has many meanings in Latin language, but mostly liked ones were soul, spirit, mind, consciousness, persistence, heart, courage.
• us - in the end, it’s all about the community - about all of us - dog people.

it appeared that all these words greatly summarised what we are about. And beautifully added up to animalistus. 💚

For some time now there will be both animalistus and My Wild Other present. In the future, we’ll see. Hope you like it!

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