Laumės x animalistus

Laumes Handmade - a Lithuanian brand that connects beautiful handmade products and our favourite tried and tested products.

Our workshop is the heart of our log cabin, surrounded by Lithuanian hills and swamps. The cabin is filled with love and dogs that we have six of. Greyhounds take a special place in our hearts, that why we have four retired greyhounds.

Laumės is not about buying and selling - we are driven by desire to teach, educate and inspire people and to create a community of likeminded people around us. 

And to help animal shelters! That's why with every Laumės x animalistus T-Shirt sold, 10Eur and with every Laumės x animalistus sweatshirt sold, 20Eur will go to Benjamín Mehnert Foundation - a shelter and recovery center for sighthounds in need.

Let's do good together 💚